Welcome to Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary School, which was established in 1877, is a zoned near city school.
It is expected that the school's enrolment capacity will be reached by 2011. Norwood Primary has a proud tradition and history, and is highly regarded within the community.

The school's operations and programs are defined by its core values - creativity, opportunity, diversity and community - and these values guide our work and activities. There is a strong performing and visual arts focus, which will be further supported by construction of a gallery and performing arts centre in 2010. The school has outstanding facilities across the site. Norwood Primary celebrates its cultural and social diversities, which are seen as strengths of the school, and are characterised by the teaching of three languages - Greek, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

The school enrols a small number of international students each year. Academic achievement and the promotion of school voice in its many forms are highly valued.
The school operates as three sub-schools - early, primary and middle years of
schooling - with each sub-school varying its learning programs to meet the needs of its particular cohort of students.